Your Unpredictable Ways

Your unpredictable ways
Leave me in a daze
Never knowing what to expect
Will it be love or pure neglect?

Which mood will it be tonight
Love or hate, another fight?
So hard to understand, I find
What is going through your mind

I try to figure out a way
To make you happy every day
Succeeding sometimes, then not at all
Your silence stops me like a wall.

Is it me that you despise?
I want to see me, through your eyes
Your words of love, they draw me near
Then your quietness, I strongly fear.

I wish I could break your wall of pain
And open your heart to love again
I'll be here for you as I am each day
Awaiting happiness or bitter dismay.

© 1999 Debra Ann Beach
Caligrrl Poems

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