Tainted Red

The words you've said are tainted red

My tears of blood, I no longer shed

Your jealousy has finally set you free

I'm only the woman I choose to be

No longer afraid to take a breath

I will be free until my death

You have no right to treat me bad

You don't realize the good woman you had

You had my heart, but you don't care

Accusing me of so many affairs

Each day so many fights with you

Have worn me down and now I'm through

Through playing your wicked, childish game

You broke my heart and put me to shame

I will not forget the things you've said

Being with you? I'm better off dead.

So long to you, my tainted love

I'm truly gone you're soon out of my head.

(c) 2011 Debra Ann Beach/Caligrrl Poems

2 comments on “Tainted Red

  1. CoolMan be day trippin says:

    I always love your poems, Love CoolMan.

  2. enward says:

    I like it ,it’s very nice,
    i love your poems more and more~

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