Don’t Wait

Don't wait for tomorrow, what can be said today 
The chance to share it may not come your way. 
We don't know what tomorrow will bring 
So let your love flow like a river in Spring. 
Don't save the good dishes for one special day 
That day may not come as your life slips away. 
Don't keep the love held inside of your heart 
Speak with tenderness that you never want to part. 
Each breath is a gift, and a moment in time 
To make someone smile, it won't cost a dime. 
So don't wait for tomorrow, say it today 
Before life and time have faded away. 
Give a hug, not a shrug 
Treat each human being with love. 
Share a smile, give a kiss 
Enjoy each day with happiness. 

©2009 Debra Ann Beach/Caligrrl Poems

2 comments on “Don’t Wait

  1. Wonderful poem Debra!What is important is present.
    Thank you so much for inviting.

  2. Very nice poetry.What is important is present not future or past.
    Thanks a lot for inviting.
    Prabhat Ranjan.

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