I bleed the tears of sorrow
I bleed the tears of pain
If I could hold you in my arms
For one more time again

I would tell you how much you've meant to me
Revealing my heart and soul
But now it's too late to say the words
And my world has turned so cold

Is this what life is all about
Wanting someone you can't live without
Missing the person you love so much
Yearning to feel them within your touch

Life goes on or so it seems
My thoughts of you are only dreams
All the love within my heart
Can't bring you back now that we're apart

The darkness comes as I sit alone
Afraid to live in this world
Loneliness is my only company
The clock ticks and time drags on

I think of the days we had to share
The memory is all that remains
As you drift through my mind and into my dreams
My heart is broken and within me it screams

As the memory closes another day
And the seconds have passed and slipped away
I am grateful for the time we had to share
Alone in my thoughts, I sit and stare

Another memory and another tear shed
I crawl into my cold and lonely bed
I try to sleep as I lie awake
I bleed again, my heart and soul ache

©2009 Debra Ann Beach/CaligrrlPoems

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